Indigenously African, Expertly European, Manufactured In South Africa

Cosmetique 2000


What distinguishes Cosmetique 2000 is that therapists and clients are taught how to use the products. Consultation with highly trained therapists and professional consultants ensure that the skin is analysed and treated correctly with a personalised beauty prescription. Cosmetique 2000 s products are continuously researched and updated with advancements in the area of phytobiolical skincare. This is achieved by collaborating with cosmetic scientists and Swiss and European development laboratories. Cosmetique 2000 s products use a combination of indigenous South African plants and oils with scientific research and advances taken from European laboratories


Mase has nominated Cosmetique 2000 for the Small Business Awards. She says she was referred to see Marie Pretorius the co-owner, by a colleague who was using Marie s beauty products and had flawless skin. She says at the time she was very frustrated because her skin was at its worst, it was breaking out, had a lot of spots from the breakouts, was sensitive and dehydrated. Mase says at her first consultation with Marie, she discussed her general health and medication taking including vitamin intake. Mase says it felt like going to a medical doctor for a consultation. She says Marie was very thorough and then went on to analyse her skin. She says that s when Marie recommended a skincare regimen of variety of Secret Room products. Mase says Marie then gave her a facial, giving her information on each product she was using, taught her how to thoroughly cleanse her face and how to apply the rest of the products. She says in two weeks she had no breakouts and was amazed at how healthy her skin looked. Mase says by the end of the third week the spots were barely visible. Mase says she was impressed by Marie and her staff s professionalism. She says they called her regularly after her first consultation to check if she was satisfied with the products or if there were any problems. She says Marie and her business partner Louise have a handful of trained therapists that they empower through regularly through programmes.


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