Indigenously African, Expertly European, Manufactured In South Africa


AET with Watermelon seed oil is an emulsion


AET with Watermelon seed oil

Night crème:  

AET Watermelon seed oil nourishing night cream

Day crème:

AET moisturiser with Kalahari Watermelon seed oil

Specialized Products:

AET Hyasol spritzer

AET Hyasol hydrating serum

Hyaluronic acid or Hyasol *-BT forms a visco-elastic surface film,

this fixes moisture onto the surface of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid supports the skins natural protective mechanism.

Since it is an excellent water reservoir and an ideal lubricant,

it leads to a perceptible improvement in skin condition.

African Earth Treasures

Authentically African,

Expertly European

The African Earth Treasures range with internationally researched formulations, enhanced with extracts from indigenous African plants revolutionizes skincare for our harsh South African climate.

These gentle skin care products improve the texture and health of the

skin with every application.

African Earth Treasures Range